Condomínio Residencial do Montepio, Assisted Residences


Assisted Residences

Assisted living is for all ages, pledging Montepio to provide assistance in accordance with the wishes and needs of residents. Thus, the assistance may be non-existent (at no cost to the resident) or go from the simple cleaning, meals, from the laundry (considered separately) to full support as if it were a retirement home, with the advantage of the resident living in their own home.


Apartment buildings typology T0 and T1, living rooms, dining room, library, medical offices and nursing, reception, security, kitchen, laundry and spacious green areas. Each apartment has a storage room and is equipped with central heating, air conditioning and all appliances. The T1 apartments have a parking space. There is a modern and innovative system of communication between the support services and the apartments and the possibility of continuous monitoring of residents who require it. The apartments can be purchased and used by people of all ages and its residents may require or not the assistance of Montepio Queen Leonor.

Residential Condominium Montepio



These apartments are being sold to members in a horizontal property (freehold) or under the Right to Use Lifelong (the choice is of the client) ensuring Montepio Queen Leonor a wide range of support services to residents what request it. The Right to Use Lifelong, from the age of 65, is table based on the age at the time of contract.